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Size Guide
Our frame sizes

All our frames are designed keeping in mind an ideal Indian face. Most of our collections fall in Medium Size Category.

We have over 1 million happy customers. Yet, in case you're uncomfortable ordering due to size/fitment issues, don't worry. All our products come with a 14-Day No Questions Asked Returns Policy. You can return the frame & we'll refund your complete money including the money you have paid for Lenses. Yes, you read it right! We refund even the Lenses Price, if you are not happy with the fit.

You may also take help from the quick & easy ways to find your frame size below -

1. Picking Size from Current Frames

Reading your frame size is easy. Take your current pair of eyewear which fits well on your face and look on the insides of the temples. Find the set of numbers reflecting the order of measurement e.g. 53-15-140. These are the lens width, bridge width and temple length respectively.

Lens Width/Diameter – This is the horizontal width of each lens in millimeters. It ranges between 40-62mm.

Bridge Width – This is the distance between the two lenses in millimeters. It ranges between 14-24mm.

Temple Length – This is the length from screw to temple tips. It ranges between 110-150mm.

2. Measuring Frames with Ruler

There may be a possibility that the measurement on your current frames is faded or is not printed. In this case, you will need a millimeter ruler or a cloth measuring tape to measure the frame yourself. Find size as shown above and purchase your next set of eyeglasses or sunglasses without any hassle.